Willies of the World

In 2018, Willies of the World began as a doodling project that eventually became a more serious concept regarding the importance of diversity and inclusivity. If we can create open and meaningful discussions about respecting all willies regardless of shape, size and color, perhaps we can also do the same by respecting and loving other differences. To that end, “love all” is signed by Matt on each piece to encourage us all to have this philosophy as we engage with people. 

The original Willies of the World piece was never sold. It will never have a single owner. Yes, it’s a work of art on loan to the global community. In late 2019, the original artwork left the US and found a home in the UK. Soon the piece will be on its way to Vietnam, then Germany… and beyond.

Matt has a passion for abstract graffiti canvas work that expresses love - both positively and negatively. Matt enjoys words - both the definitions of them and expressing them on clothes, art and more. 

Please enjoy and love all. 

About the Artist 

Matt Umbers. Made in England. Based in Florida, USA. Husband. Dad. Unapologetic, edgy and passionate about community, art, words and sharing love. 

Currently curating events and creating artwork, Matt strongly believes in collaboration, inclusiveness and community; bringing people together in a way that is fun, unique and provocative. In Matt’s perspective, at a minimum art should start a conversation.

In collaboration with local Orlando artist, screen printer and designer, Akyros, Matt has been able to take his traditional creative methods and turn his creations into a digitized format through professional production.